Annual review – CEO summarizes and looks forward to 2024

Nicolai Chamizo

Nicolai Chamizo

Incore Invest stands as a beacon for groundbreaking ventures, nurturing companies that redefine growth and innovation. Within its illustrious portfolio, three companies – Brite AB, Savr AB, and Mynt AB – have been on a meteoric rise, each carving a unique path toward success. As Incore Invest celebrates our achievements, we also set our sights on the dynamic fintech sector, gearing up for further investment opportunities in 2024.

Brite AB: The narrative of Brite AB echoes triumph and innovation, marked by exceptional growth and a triumphant investment round this year. With a steadfast commitment to cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach, Brite AB emerges as a frontrunner, setting new benchmarks in its industry and capturing the essence of forward-thinking entrepreneurship.

Savr AB: Looking ahead to 2024, Savr AB anticipates the launch of its revolutionary tech platform, poised to redefine investment paradigms by enabling users to invest in equity seamlessly. The platform’s promise of accessibility and sophistication aligns with Savr AB’s vision of democratizing investment opportunities, empowering individuals to navigate the equity market effortlessly.

Mynt AB: Not to be overlooked is Mynt AB, a company that has witnessed remarkable growth and market expansion, solidifying its presence across all Scandinavian markets. Mynt AB’s strategic prowess and adaptability have positioned it as a frontrunner in the region, epitomizing success through innovation and astute market penetration.

In their unwavering pursuit of visionary endeavors, we are setting our sights on the fintech market for potential investments in 2024. The fintech landscape, renowned for disruptive innovations, serves as an enticing arena for us to seek out transformative ventures and pioneers shaping the future of finance.

Incore Invest’s exploration into the fintech domain in 2024 signifies their commitment to identifying and nurturing high-potential ventures that reimagine financial services. Our criteria likely revolve around innovative technologies, impactful business models, and a commitment to reshaping traditional financial norms.

As we embarks on this journey, the synergy of their visionary ethos with the dynamic fintech ecosystem promises an era of innovation and growth. The venture into the fintech market is a testament to our forward-thinking strategy, aiming to uncover and support the next wave of disruptors poised to redefine the financial landscape.

In conclusion, the triumvirate of Brite AB, Savr AB, and Mynt AB within Incore Invest’s portfolio represents the pinnacle of entrepreneurial prowess and market adaptation. Simultaneously, our foray into the fintech domain in 2024 anticipates an exciting phase, echoing their commitment to fostering innovation and transforming industries.

Nicolai Chamizo

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Brite Payments is a fast-growing second-generation challenger in the European payment space. Allowing consumers to make payments using their bank account, Brite employs state-of-the-art open banking technology to process instant payments across Europe across a wide range of verticals. With connections to many of the continent’s largest banks, consumers and merchants receive their funds instantly, making online payments safer and more convenient than ever. Brite was founded and led by an experienced team of FinTech executives from the likes of Klarna, Qliro, Trustly and iZettle, to name a few.

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Mynt is a Swedish fintech offering smart company cards that simplifies expense management. Hand out a Mynt card to everybody in the company and set individual spending limits to each person, giving the CFO control over the company’s spend in real time. With full integration to the accounting system, users save both time and money by automating expense management and sending all receipts straight into the accounting system. Mynt is building smart solutions around all corporate spend that makes everyday business life easier.

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SAVR is a disruptive marketplace for savings with the ambition to create transparency and improved experiences for long-term savers. SAVR offer a fund and pension saving platform without high commission and distribution fees. On average customers pay half the fund fee compared to investments through other banks and saving services. All commissions are fully refunded to customers.

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Kameo is an investment platform that offers attractive investment opportunities for everyone. Kameo’s platform connects more than 65,000 retail and institutional investors with Scandinavian real estate developers and companies. Since its inception in 2016, Kameo has facilitated over 1,000 loans, accumulating a total value of over SEK 5 billion. The average net return for investors has been more than 9 percent annually. Kameo employs a team of 30 professionals across its offices in Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen. ABG Sundal Collier and Incore Invest are strategic owners in the company.

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